Business in Godstone

Business and Employment

When considering any development, whether residential or commercial, business and employment must be taken into account. For a residential development of any size, consideration must be given to whether there is an opportunity for new residents in the area to work locally and, if not, where they would be likely to have to commute to.

Local businesses are good for the community, they bring employment opportunities and they bring money into the local community. In order to encourage businesses to the area, planning policy must be crafted to attract them and make it easy for them to establish themselves. It must also protect the local environment and be proportionate to the location. Policy must balance these two opposing requirements in a way that makes it easy and attractive for businesses to establish themselves in the area, whilst protecting the environment both from an aesthetic and from an environmental perspective.

Residential developments must take into account employment opportunities as part of the overall planning decision. Is there sufficient employment opportunities, how will people get to work, is the infrastructure in place to ensure that businesses are sustainable in the area, are a few of the many questions that must be considered.

The Government has repeatedly said that it does not want ‘dormitory towns’ to be developed in England and Wales. This means that developments where residents will have to commute out of the area (and only return to sleep) should be discouraged. Planning policy must reflect this.

The group looking at business and employment as part of the GPNP will take into account all aspects that might impact a business’ decision to establish itself in the parish and all those that drive the ability of residents to work locally. If you would like to get involved in the drafting of the GPNP and have an interest in joining the Business and Employment Group which is headed up by Bill Archer, you can make contact through the contact page, or email